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What We Do

We design custom homes and homesteads that provides exceptional performance, protection and enduring quality for those who live and work in them. Designed as an integrated system, they are adaptive, resilient and secure places in our rapidly changing world and deepening economic insolvency.  

Our designs are for those with the forethought to invest an abundance of present day resources to reduce their family's vulnerability to future food, energy, civil disturbances, climatic, economic and other events.

We design shelter systems that are not grid dependent, and fit for a challenging future of uncertain transition.

Our designs incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach combining agriculture, architecture, and construction. Our projects are scalable in size ranging from unique custom homes to residential homesteads properties in varied climate zones.

An Overview of Our Services

We plan and develop a resilient home infrastructure; and cultivate a high level of self reliance for our clients and their family.

Using our network of professionals we work all project phases from conceptual design, site evaluation, site planning and development, construction management, project communications, and research/education.