Largo Central Park - Plaza Redevelopment
City of Largo
Architect: Lisa Wannemacher - WJ Architects
Role: Project Design, Construction Management and Inspections

The existing iconic Clock Tower at the Largo Central Park Plaza has become a large maintenance headache due to ongoing issues with the fountain plumbing, the deteriorating condition of the plaza pavers being undermined and the lack of use by the public. Additionally it presented a cold, sterile and uninviting entrance to this otherwise popular City park.

My initial responsibility was to prepare several design options for City Commission workshop discussions. I prepared these options using SketchUp. The first option proposed was to repair and preserve the Clock Tower and enhance the general look of the main entry plaza.

Option #1:

The work being proposed was to leave all surrounding pavers, the pergola and riser steps and replacement of the fountain underneath the Clock Tower, leaving the Clock Tower itself in place. The Clock Tower columns would be repaired and resurfaced. All fountain plumbing and pumps would be replaced. New landscaping and irrigation system would be installed around the fountain only.

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