Southwest Recreation Center - Facility Remodel  and Renovation
City of Largo
Architect: Lisa Wannemacher - WJ Architects
Role: Construction Management and Inspections

Southwest Recreation Center was in need of major repairs and expansion to meet the needs of the general public. Working with Joan Byrne (Parks and Recreation), Lisa Wannemacher (Wannemacher Jensen) and myself as Facilities Manager, we devised an innovative solution to meet the needs of the client. In order to meet the budget and timelines, the main facility would be closed in order to do an end-to-end project rather than a phased and incremental project which would have been more expensive and lengthy. The Parks and Recreation Department was able to secure alternative locations for its on-going programs in a nearby vacant shopping center space. Other programs were reassigned to other open facilities. The pool facility remained open during construction. While this would result in some loss of revenue, it was a cost and time effective solution. The City Commission backed this approach and approved the project.

My responsibility was to prepare a list of client needs and work with the project architect and department heads. The primary goal was to get as many items checked off and onto the plans as the budget would allow. Approximately 85% of those items made it through from design charette, conceptual design, design development and working drawings. Also, I supervised the construction, along with another inspector, from start to closeout.

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